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All software downloadable from these pages is in the form of compressed archive files which can be decompressed using the public domain applications SparkPlug or ArcFS

1BIGWAVE.GIF The complete DrawScript package (515K) can be downloaded from here.

The package consists of the DrawScript application, a comprehensive guide to DrawScript (written in HTML) plus two "plugin" libraries for drawing graphs and charts.

DrawScript configuration mode for StrongED
2BIGWAVE.GIF The DrawScript mode configuration for StrongED (8K) can be downloaded from here.

This package configures the freeware text editor, StrongED, for the editing and writing of DrawScript files. Once configured every aspect of writing and running scripts can be controlled from a StrongED window. E.g.

  • DrawScript's "dot" commands are available from entries in popup menus which when selected write the command to the editor window
  • Fonts and Colours are chosen using the standard RiscOS dboxes and the appropriate command written to the editor window just by selecting "OK"
  1. StrongED
  2. The toolbox modules ( "Built-in" to the more recent versions of RiscOS)
DrawScript StrongHelp manual
3BIGWAVE.GIF The DrawScript StrongHelp manual (56K) can be downloaded from here.

This alternative guide to DrawScript has many features which interact with text editors - e.g. writing commands in an edit window, choosing colours and fonts via dboxes, etc.

If StrongED is used then pressing function key F1 when the caret is over a DrawScript dot command (or a BASIC keyword) opens the relevant help page on that command.


  1. StrongHelp
Text Areas configuration mode for StrongED
4BIGWAVE.GIF The Text areas configuration mode for StrongED can be downloaded from here. (To be added later)