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You can download DrawScript from here.

DrawScript allows scripts to be written which - when double-clicked in a Filer display - produce drawings in a !Draw window. The language used is standard RiscOS Basic with "extra" graphics commands.

bubb.gif DrawScript is capable of producing much more elaborate drawings than are available by only using the mouse; see the DrawScript gallery for some examples.

All of !Draw's main features have been implemented. Drawing can use straight or smoothly-joined lines with full style control (colour, width etc.); anti-aliased text (in any font and colour); text areas (elementary word-processing); sprites and transformations. (DrawScript's transforms go further than !Draw allowing any linear transform to be performed on paths, text and sprites. Tranformations are easily compounded to form new transforms. This represents a very powerful drawing tool).

Software support for DrawScript is offered via a free maillist which you are invited to join.

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